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Learn to Turn: A Stick and Rudder Approach to Reducing Loss of Control

Fatal loss of control (LOC) accidents continue to occur most often during the maneuvering phase of flight. Except for the ability to mimic only the most basic of turns, pilots, as a group, remain unconsciously incompetent with regard to maneuvering flight. These pilots entrusted the aviation education system with their safety and well-being. They believed we would teach them how to maneuver an airplane. And we failed them. Simply stated, we have a training delivery problem. Learn to Turn aims to help flight schools and flight instructors solve this issue. It includes:

  • A training program that raises pilot awareness of the multi-faceted role the elevator plays while turning; 
  • A learning framework with several training assets designed to complement and supplement ground and flight instruction; 
  • Pages of exercises that have been used to provide recurrent training to government pilots representing fish and wildlife and national park services, as well as law enforcement agencies — who must maneuver around objects on the ground while low and slow, and often in challenging environments. 
Learn to Turn