Creating Scenarios for Scenario-Based Training

Student flying simulator

Learn how to write engaging scenarios that push student pilots beyond their comfort zones and train them more effectively. 

The key to effective scenario-based training is to create a scenario that is as realistic as possible. In real-world training, we are limited to using the same plane, range of weight and balance, airports, and practice areas. It takes a lot of creativity to get the students out of their ruts. However, in the simulators, a whole world is available to us, and we can incorporate training exercises with a myriad of variables. This allows our students to apply rote knowledge to real situations. Most students and instructors realize the simulators’ significance in reducing costs, but — by incorporating a script with SBT — instructors can utilize simulators to their full potential.

Creating a scenario can be a daunting process and a great scenario takes quite a bit of prep work. Nonetheless, the final result is worth it. Creating an engaging, applicable, and even humorous scenario can keep students’ attention and make learning more effective and fun!